rehab grants

okay everyone out there who has applied for and received grants or low interest rate loans for prperty rehab please let me know how it works, who do I contact to apply for these grants? I’ve heard they are out there but I don’t know where.
Thanks for any help in adavance.

would be interested in knowing if you have found the answers to your question

i havn’t received any responses yet but i have alot of leads that i got by going into my states governmental web site. i asked the city and they don’t have any available. i will post any good info that i get and i’m willing to put a few hrs. of leg work into this, hope i don’t come up empty handed. we bought this triplex at an auction. the previous owner failed to pay his property tax. we placed the min. bid (7,600.00) and won. the sev’s are 40,000. and it came w/ an extra lot that we plan to have rezoned multi family. the bonus was that we thought it was a duplex but we soon realized at our first inspection it is a triplex!!! it is in a lower to mid middle class neighborhood–very well kept neighborhood, but our building is …well…in dire need of a make over to say the least.
these tax sales are awesom!! i recommend them to everyone. i’ve only been to 2 so far and only bought at the one but plan on going to as many as i can!
i’ll post re: the grant info. as i find out.

Thanks and good luck!

why can’t you just go for a regular rehab loan through a lender? they’ll do 70-80% arv

Haven’t seen [/b]richmortgagebroker[b] post in quite awhile (aka Laura Rich). She was knowledgeable about grants. Laura, where are you? We need your expertise here.