Rehab funds >70% LTV?

I have a house I’m in the process of buying, but a mix-up with the lender has left me hanging. Here are details:
Purchase price: 108,500
Rehab: 30,00
ARV: 190-200,000
LTV: 70-73%

I’m in PA, as is the property. My credit has taken a hit lately and many lenders (HML even) won’t go this high on LTV without a minimum credit score. I have a credit partner, but he’s in CA. So, I need a lender who can do this deal, ASAP. I need a mortgage commitment in two weeks and close in three.

If your partner has at leat a 640 and sufficient income/assets to support the payments during the rehan, then 80% is possible.

Ran the #s and it seems like they fit.

Would the seller be willing to hold a small note for a short period? If so then the hard money lenders that wont look at your score could do it under your name at 70%.

Who does HML at 80% LTV?? Also what kind of terms are there? Are grace period on payments??

I haven’t run into anyone to do 80% Hard money. I can imagine the terms would be pretty poor though if it exists.

I ran across one HML who does 80%. It’s been a few months and I can’t remember their name, but if I looked hard enough I could find them again. The terms were similar to any other HML (no doc, accruing interest only payments, 6-12 months). I believe they only lend in MD, VA, DC, and maybe DE. It’s the only HML I’ve evr heard that does 80% so it stuck out in my mind. If anyone wants to know about this lender in the applicable states I will try to find them again.