Rehab Courses: Glen Gallucci,Pete Youngs and Steve Cook


Both the Garden State REIA and Long Island REIA both sponsor rehabb lecturers [who in turn sell their own courses].

I was wondering if menber has taken any of these courses from Glen Gallucci, Pete Youngs, or Steve Cook and what is their opinion of the courses.

Also please list any other “rehabb guru” u really think is a really great teacher.



I would say you should do a search online with google to find out more about them.

I do know that Glen is a good guy and will talk to you in person at the club or on the phone.

He’s having a presentation coming up at the end of this month.

Contact me if you want to discuss more about Jersey.


thanks for your’e response

have u taken his rehab course and did u make money?

how would u compare it to other courses u have taken [steve cook/pete young?]


have u ever taken any of these courses?

I live in Central New Jersey( New Brunswick Area). I was wondering if there is a REI club within a reasonable distance.

I have rehab experience, working for other investors. I mostly do light demo, drywall and the painting of the properties. All other work can be completed by associates.

this is the website to garden state reia.

check the national reia website to see if there are any clubs near u.