rehab cost for shell

Hi i was hoping to get different opinions on about how much it cost to fix a 1300sq ft shell? just a rough guess, this house looks like it needs everything. thanks very much

Hi Dryice,

You’ve left off too much information – I’ll wait for Keith’s post ;D

I just came across a 900 sf four-sided brick that has been gutted, but since then, the roof fell in. The sellers estimated $15k to rehab it (he’s a contractor) – I think they are full of it. Repaired it would be worth $70K on the high side, and they won’t go lower than their original asking price. Her quote was, “I’ll let it fall down before I take less.” Looks like hers will fall down.

I’ll check back on this thread :slight_smile: Good luck to you.

If it’s just the “shell” – nothing but bones – it’ll cost a ton – like $50K+…you’ll need wiring, plubing, fixtures, applaiance, insulation, sheetrock, windows, flooring, and the list goes on and on!

If it has things (walls, insulation, wiring, plumbing, etc. but it’s no good, add demolition to the cost!

You need to look hard and llong and see what it really needs and what is really salvageable.