Rehab Contractors

I am looking for some reliable cost effective contractors that work in Dallas area. I am new to this area and need to build up a solid team. Does anyone know of any ways to find a good listing of preferred contractors that work on projects 10K and up?

There’s a new link under Investor Resources on the left side of your screen. You can click on Handyman Services, but it’s very new and there’s not many listings on there yet. You could also try Angie’s List. Try to find other investors in your area and see who they use.

What part of Dallas? I’m in Flower Mound and know a few people.

Thanks for your reply, I will be working throughout the metroplex focusing mostly on the north-east side of Dallas area. I have some reservations about working in the Flower Mound area due to recent gas drilling (fracking). My main need for contractors is HVAC systems and plumbing, of course never hurts to have backup in other areas like foundation, roofing etc.