Regional Forums?

Hi All!

I am a newbie here…I have been reading quite a bit, and commenting a time or two. I have a general question for everyone, including the moderator. My question is this: How do others feel about updating this website with the capability to have regional forums, as well as subject forums?

By this I mean that I would have a much easier time finding other investors in my area, and gaining insights and answers to my questions about my particular state or region. I know that many of the concepts are the same, but could save myself time and money on investments with advice from those who work within the the same laws, rules, regulations as I will in my state of operation.

I see people on here asking for advice for a particular state…I am just curious about how others feel about adding more forum options to be able to read, interact, and network with investors from your areas.

Any thoughts or comments?

Thanks for your time…