Regarding Due Diligence phase - Talking to tenants?

So I am looking to make an offer on a property. Among the things that need to be dealt with is some due diligence on different aspects of any or all tenants on the property. Once I have an offer made and the owner accepts is it customary to talk to the tenants and ask them different questions? Things such as:

  • What do they like about the property?
  • What do they not like about the property?
  • What needs fixed?
  • What are their long term plans for renting?
  • How long have they rented?
  • What can I do to make things better for you to stay here?

Are questions like these a good / bad thing to ask during due diliegence?

I am looking to make an offer on a property that has a doctor’s office, storage space, and 6 apartments.


Hire an investment broker, check for CCIM. For a noivce or pro well worth it, provide you with information, negoitiations and to answer your question; psa with an estoppel for current tenants.