Refinish woodfloors or recarpet

We’re considering purchasing a 1945 house which has been a rental for 20 yrs. The investor has ripped out the old carpet and planned on putting new in but my thought is don’t put in the new carpet and when we purchase it we can refinish the floors. Downstairs has approximately 750 SF of hardwood, stairs and upstairs approximately 400 SF of fir wood flooring. We plan to rent the house for about a year then resell it. The neighbor is okay, this was in the country years ago and now it has a great location. There are many 1950’s, 60’s & 70’s ranch homes along with new housing developments - when an older home with acreage becomes available, investors purchase, subdivide and put in new homes with very small lots. Thanks ahead of time for your advice.

What is prevalent in the area? I will tell you that fir is not a high-end flooring.

Another option is “Pergo-type” flooring…looks good, lasts almost forever.


I would have to say YEAH!!

Do whatever is best!

If you are going to rent it carpet! If you are going to sell it wood floors sell pretty well so YEAH!!

I also would recommend though that you do one or the other plywood sub floors do not sell or rent very well at all…LOL

Has anyone used pergo for rentals? Seems like it could be a good idea to avoid having to replace carpet between tennants.

I haven’t but if I had an opportunity, I would strongly consider it.


I do not know what my rentals have I never have seen them!!! LOL


Just curious, how much experience did you have before you began purchasing properties “out of town”?

I’m guessing you wouldn’t suggest it for a beginner?



It depends on the neighborhood. There are areas in Austin where hardwood flooring is expected, so if you want to get full value for the house (and sell it reasonably quickly), it needs to have hardwoods. Out in the burb’s, carpet is normal, hardwood is considered an upgrade.


 It took me almost 2 years before I bought out of town. The reason for that is I was picky about who I wanted to work with (almost to picky). So even as a beginner I would recommend it if you can have the right team with a proven track record to work with. It is all about the team not the town.