Can anyone out there help me ? I wanted to refinance my home and found out the Texas has very strict laws about this. The company I am working with is not from texas and quoted me an interest rate pf 9.75%

That sounds very high to me . Does anyone know of a mortgage company here in Texas that has better rates for refinancing ?

I don’t see how anyone can answer that question for you as there are too many variables that affect rate. The rate can be anything you want depending on all the other variables. Here’s just a few…

credit score
debt ratios
income stability
amount of documentation provided
amount down
type of loan
residence stability
points and origination fees paid
lender fees
etc., etc.

Yes, you can shop around and yes, you probably should.

Integrated Capital Mortgage
(512) 328-7727

They are a Mortgage Broker that has access to many different lenders depending on your situation.

Ask for Vestell Wright and let him know I recommended him.


I’m just curious how you stumbled across Vestell? He was fairly visible a few years ago and then he wasn’t. I’ve never used him and had forgotten about him.

I work for him now! I used ICAP last year on my first deal and then called them for the house I just bought in March. He thought I was a good detail person and he needed someone to help make sure all the details on the files were done. He is a great person to work with - and knows how to make virtually any loan work, so I figured he would also be good to work for. So I kind of went backwards from what many aspiring full-time investors do, I guess! I looked at it as an opportunity to see how the financing end of it worked, add $$ to my RE Investment stash, and meet some people in various capacities involved in RE Investing (Realtors, Appraisers, etc). So far it’s working out - but I had forgotten how hard a full time J-O-B was!!!


You can refinance your home, shop around for the best deal they are out there. Good Luck