Refinancing with Retirement Funds

I am looking to refinance a piece of property I own and I want to do it with private money. In this economy, the people who have cash do not want to tie it up long term but there are a lot of people who have IRAs, 401ks and SEP accounts that are earning a very poor return (if not actually losing principal) plus fees on those accounts. Those funds can be rolled into accounts at specialized companies that administer qualified retirement plans, according to the IRS code (legal since 1974), that allow that money to be lent (“invested”) as a mortgage. As such it will have a safe, secure and guaranteed return, secured by real estate. Just like anything else, you would need to do the appropriate due diligence to verify all aspects of the deal.

I have had a number of private money mortgages but my last “lender” has passed away. Do you have any suggestions on how I might find people that would be interested in doing this kind of deal?

Talk to self-directed IRA administrators in your area.
They will usually have networking opportunities where you can meet with potential investors.