Refinancing Investment-"Separate Property" without Spouse

I have an investment property I purchased before marriage that I would like to refinance to capture todays lower interest rates.

Is there a way to refinance without my wife ever being on title or on the loan…appears as though the bank demands both even though it is “separate property”?

Also, my wife wants ZERO participation with my RE investing as she doesnt want ANY liability on her side…any suggestions on the refinance and/or keeping my wife out of legal liability with my RE investing would be much appreciated.

This is outside of my immediate circle of expertise. So much is actually, but you’d probably need some sort of liabilty protection vehicle. A trust most probably. I would think an llc wouldn’t be enough too protect shared assets. Hopefully that’s a point in the correct direction.


If you are refinancing this property as an investment property or as a second home then your wife need not be involved in the transaction. As long as you can qualify on your own income and assets you will be fine. Just let you mortgage professional know upfront that you are married but you want the property title as an individual.

If the person your speaking with can’t make that happen just call someone else.

Hope this helps.