Refinancing Help and.....

Hello everyone. I needed to refinance my 4 unit property due to an arm adjustment. My score is below 600 and was wondering if there is anyone that would do the deal. It is stated income/self employed with a few mortgage lates. Any companies that would do it? zi heard Equifirst Corporation would but thats all.

I am also looking to buy new properties to flip/rehab and or own as rental properties and was wondering what my options were there also.
Thanks for your help in advance.


I need to refi as well. Let me know if you end up working with someone here.

Your inquiry is much too vague. Keep reading and learning and look up propertymanager’s posts. He posted some helpful tips for new investors getting started. You also need to understand exactly what your goals are and to better your circumstances (credit score, knowledge of your market, etc.) before you just start diving in.

Good luck.

As an investor, you will be hard pressed to find a stated doc refinance with scores below 600—you should invest some time/effort in improving your credit scores…


Scott Miller

My inquiry is pretty clear but thaks for your input.

Equifirst does not do NOO properties anymore.

Is your arm going to sky rocket? If so, will be you able to afford? Will you need to sell? Can you make payments while attempting to sell?

If the ltv is low enough, you may want to consider using a hard money lender to refi the loan and wrap 6 months of payments in.