Refinancing From Company Name to Personal Name?

My next scenario is that my HML has title on my next house in my company name. We want to refinance it into my wifes name who is an owner. Will this be a problem on a cash out refi? Would I need to do a warranty deed first to change ownership?

Yes you should start getting your ducks in a row now. Because you will have a difficult time getting it done in a business name. While it is not impossible the terms are not as favorable. Knowing that you will need to get it done you might as well do it now. You might as well get your corporate documents ready as well. Most likely you will need to provide it to your lender. When a lender sees multiple title changes over a short period of time it throws up a red flag. You want to make sure that they understand that she was a part of the previous corp. ownership. Hope this helps.

To confirm:
You want to do purchase loans in your business name and later refinance into your wife’s personal name?

Continuity of title is still the key issue here.

The lender will want to look at the business docs to see who the owners are. If they see just your wife, then there should not be in an issue. If they see other owners besides her (including you) this could be a problem. Depends on the lender. Most of the guidelines for lenders have something about this written in so it would be up to your mortgage professional to check it out.