Refi with no cash out and no seasoning

Does anyone here know where I can get a no cash out refi on a non owner occupied sfr that only has 30 days or so of seasoning? I used a construction loan to purchase and rehab the property, and now want to refi into a fixed rate. It was my understanding that Freddie and Fannie allowed this, but I cannot get anyone to look at it without 6 months seasoning. Anyone have any suggestions?

You need to talk to some small local banks-they’re probably you’re best shot if you need to refi no little to no seasoning. I’m currently doing exactly what you’re describing, a refi NOO SFH, with a local bank in my area. call around and ask the LO what their seasoning requirements are, some will have 30days, some 6 months, some none at all.

I think I may have found a local bank that will keep the loan in their portfolio. I am surprised this was so difficult because it looks like from my research Fannie and Freddie allow no cash refi’s with no seasoning. I guess everyone is overly cautious right now with all of the uncertainty out there.