How soon after a sub -2 is in your name as in the deed can you refi the property? As well for how much ? Will it make any differance if the property is upside down on the refi?


Your probable going to need to own it on a sub - 2 for 6 months minimum for seasoning. (Check with your local lender) You can borrow 80% LTV of FMV for a 1st TD and potentially borrow upwards of 10 to 15% of FMV as a 2nd TD. 

No, it does not matter that it’s upside down provided you bring enough cash to the table to pay over and above what you borrow!

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What if you get the bank mortgage to cash out of the mortgage you take over sub-2 for say 60 to 70 % of the fmv Would you be able to take the 10 to 20 % to your pocket ? If you were to get a 80 % refi ?