Refi loan question

I have a question one you might could answer. I got my good faith Estimate and agreed to it, now that I have reviewed it better do I still have the 3 days to refuse it or just renegotiate?My broker or loan person had some high fees she had included I don’t agree with. What are my options?

Thanks in advance,

You are not locked into anything until you close.

You might want to check with a couple other brokers to see what they are offering.

You have 3 days after closing to change your mind.

You can always negotiate

If you have closed on the loan and it is on your primary residince you can rescind the loan and have your loan officer redo the doc now there is a charge for this of 150-200 and it can be done

If you have just done your preliminary doc and you are still in underwriting I would say that you have been shopping and there are other companies that are chargeing less for fees and she can lower them to a certian amount.

Now if she is doing a good job and it is just over a few hundred dollars then she may be worth it. It is just up to you and what you are willing to pay and what she is willing to work for.