Refi investment property in Mi.

We are looking for a lender that will refi 75%+ (prefer 80%)LTV, on investment properties, all properties will be over 65k loan amount - most properties have 6 months seasoning some only 90 days - one borrower (siva) has more than 10 mortgages, one borrower(full doc) has less than 5 properties. can anybody help?

I might be able to point you in the right direction.

Where in Michigan do you live?
Are the properties?

You missed a key point!

What about credit scores?

You describe them as borrowers. What’s your relation to them?

The harder one will be the borrower with 10 properties. That # of properties will put additional limitations on the # of available lenders.

There are plenty of lenders at 6 month and even a few for none, especially when looking at full doc.