Referral for - National HML

Greetings, everyone

Investor from Philly here.

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with, a national HML. They have good leverage numbers and reasonable points, but I don’t know them.

Can anyone vouch for their reputation, before I open the vault of personal financial info to these folks?

Many thanks for your time! Chris


What led you to them?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the question.

I was looking for ~80%ARV lending and this particular HML was featured on a list from this website. Now, I’m looking for some kind of referral. Why go through hell when someone else may have laid the warning signs somewhere else, right?

If you can refer an HML that operates in Philadelphia with an 80%ARV and <5 points, I can pull off a no-money-down deal which would suit me just fine right about now.

I’m also looking for an institution which would provide a HELOC on an investment property up to 90% LTV. I would be your new best friend if you had any leads… :biggrin

Peace, Chris

That pulls up a Kaplan school?