Redemption an issue


Has anyone had any redemption issues from previous owners after buying property?

If you mean issues like the previous owner redeeming – it happens, especially on Tax Sales…here in Louisiana there is a 3-year right of redemption period on tax sales!


You can offer the previous owner a sum of cash to sign away their Right to Redemption. This is legal as long as you offer them a sum “appropriate” for such.

We had the prior mortgage company ask about redeeming, and we blew their minds with a 18 page spreadsheet of expenses and charges. They dropped it.

You can also probably buy it when it is passed the 3 year mark and then apply for deed. Not sure if it works that way in Louisiana, but defeinitliy wokrs that way in Florida( after you have it auctioned off at the courthouse steps) :frowning:


Luckily in Delaware the redemption period is only sixty to ninety days, depending on the county.
However, being the second smallest state suffice to say there are not a whole bunch of tax sales.