Redeeming the Sherrifs Certificate

Has anyone had any experience redeeming the sherrifs certificate? I spoke with a guy that is doing it but I dont understand the whole process yet.

Any advice or insight would be helpful!


I would also like to know…I posted a question regarding tax lien resources but no replies. Can’t for a minute think nobody on the board doesn’t have any experience with these. :banghead

There are Tax Lien Certificates and Sheriff’s Deeds/Tax Deeds, depending on which state you are in. What state are you in and maybe I can respond.

I am in MN. I am talking about the sherrif’s certificate for the home after it sells at sherrif’s sale.


It’s also known as the Sheriff’s Deed of Title. This kind of deed is issued to the winning bidder at a Sheriff Foreclosure Auction. Depending on the state and/or county this document is good for ‘X’ amount of time. Once this time frame has passed you can have it filed as a regular deed. The actual process depends on the state and/or county.