Red Flag

Hey guys/gals,

There is a house in my town that I have noticed for about the last 6 months is vacant. Its somewhat rundown but not a total disaster and has had a realtor sign up in front in one form or another the whole time. It looks like a great SFH but I am jst wondering what might be the problem with it that nobody has jumped on it. It IS right on a very busy street (2 lanes in each direction???

Only one way to find out. I’ll give you a hint, its not on an internet website. GO LOOK!


I thought real estate was a sit-at-home internet business! I think I saw that on an infomercial.


Thanks. I was hoping for a little more than stating the obvious.

He told you what you should do…Have you DONE it?


Yes I have and HAD before I posted

I am just wondering what might be the problem with it that nobody has jumped on it.

If you’ve seen it, you should be able to answer this question better than anyone who hasn’t seen the property.

If its decent and no one else has grabbed it and the numbers work BUY IT. Stop wasting time and start the offer process!

Have you tried talking with neighbors? They will probably be more honest than a realtor.

BTW this is not located in Amityville is it? :shocked

I would buy the Amityville house sightunseen tomorrow if I had the cash. I’ve been through that town but never have visited the house, I should check it out someday.

So what were your impressions when you went inside? Is it square? Is the neighborhood dicey? Busy roads aren’t going to put the kibosh on a house sale, there is always someone willing to live there if the house is nice enough.

You might want to cultivate a relationship with a real estate agent that works with investors. He/she can be worth their weight in gold.


THANK YOU for an unsarcastic post. I did go inside and although the fixtures and appliances seemed way outdated, I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. I am currently trying to find out the owners of the property.


The reason that you got so many sarcastic answers is that you asked a dumb question. Yes, there are dumb questions.

Real estate investing is not a stay-at-home internet business. You’ve got to get out there and do the work. Asking people you don’t know about the physical characteristics of a house they haven’t seen just doesn’t make much sense. If every single person on this website told you the house was perfect and that you should buy it immediately - would you? I WOULD NOT! They haven’t even seen the house.

Aunt Hillary might think that it takes a village to raise a child, but it certainly doesn’t take a forum to look at a house. Real estate investing is an individual sport.

It is completely up to you to become educated in the business. It is completely up to you to ensure the condition of the house by whatever means necessary. It is completely up to you whether you make money or join the vast majority of newbies who fail because they didn’t do it right.

Good Luck,


Dash, What are they asking for it? How does it compare to the comps in the area? You say it has had a realtor’s sign in the yard the last 6 months. Why are you looking to find the owners if it is listed with a real estate agent? Give us some more information and we all have opinions (some good, some…well) that we are happy to give.