Hey guys, I am closing on my first rehab today and have a question about the brick. This is a small all red brick house with white grout. The problem is that the previous owners actually painted the grout white and it absolutely looks horrible. I didn’t know if I should sand blast the brick (sounds like a ton of work) or if I might be able to paint the whole thing. Any opinions would be appreciated. I wanted to post a pic but I don’t think that I can.

Get someone out there with a powerwasher, should take it right off.

Thanks Rich, that is good to hear because man is it ugly. Perfect candidate for “We Buy Ugly Houses”. LOL :slight_smile:

If the ugly factor reduced the price by a good chunk you’ll do well since its cheap to powerwash. You can even go buy your own powerwasher and have it for the future. Just be careful if you do it yourself, the more concentrated tips on a decent machine can cut through concrete.

Good point on the concrete Rich. These are the costly mistakes newbes make that people on this site can help them avoid.

Not to mention fingers and arms.I lost part of a finger in a gardening accident years ago .Safety Safety Safety !!!

Alway be careful removing paint from brick. A bricklayer buddy tells me its possible to remove the glaze from the brick which could cause problems down the line.