Recommended Reading And Forms and such.

Hello Everyone,

 I was just thinking, it would be great if we were able to post New Reviews and Book information on the site.  Kind of like hey I picked this book up and information it contains (as in I think this is a must read, or this book is Crap)  That way we can keep a constant update also newspaper and magazine information.

 Also on the Forms area I would like to know if there is a way for everyone to be able to add to this.  I can make some Great Spreedsheets and things like that as long as create templets for Flyers and other things.  But I am more interested in if people can maybe place copies of blank contracts, formula sheets, analizers, amortization schedules, or information on different things.  I have tons of information on starting businesses and from being a self-proprietor, partnerships, L.L.C.'s, S-Corporations to C-Corporations, and much more.  

 Just some ideas to expand this site or if simpler a new forum catagory would be great for this information besides the actual form loading perferable these forms be workable since I was unable to get in to 95% of the forms that are on now.

Someone else from Austin, very good!

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Good Luck!

There are some book reviews on the site, the ability to add reviews, and links to Amazon reviews for all…

Yes, anyone can add forms to the Forms list as long as they are original works. Just email us and we’ll happily put them up.

And please contact us offline to figure out why you’re not able to access the current forms listed. Thanks much.