recommended Books/materials for wholeselling

What books do you wholesellers recommend that is well informative at a fair price on wholeselling?I bought a book that I feel did not makes things very clear.TIA for the help. :frowning:

Well what i would suggest is ‘Flipping Properties’ by William Bronchik. It is full of some good info and gives you a good understanding of how the process works and gives good ideas on what you can do…

The year 2004 had an oversupply of superb new realty books (and a few duds) on topics such as home buying and selling, how to be a successful realty agent, and how to make huge profits investing in real estate. The theme of most of these books is “how to.” Each week Robert J. Bruss reads at least one new real estate book and then writes a book review on each and chooses the 10 best. I like his tell it like it is reviews and always follow his opinion on what books to read. To view his reviews go to:

I’ve done a lot of research on various “gurus” and their courses at

Check it out, it’s a great resource.

Thanks guys for all your input.The sites gave me some light and I recommend those sites to every newbe who is looking for reading material. Very informative; Thanks alot again. ;D