Recommended books for complete beginner

Hello everyone,

I was looking through this site and found the real estate investment books section. There are about 7 pages of books, and I was trying to see if anyone can recommend one that would be most suitable for my particular situation.

I am 22, finishing my university studies in 1 year, and moving to Los Angeles with my family. I have always been interested in real estate and finally thought maybe I should look more into it to see if its something i’m interested in. I know NOTHING about real estate investing and need something designed for absolute beginners.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

It’s probably a good idea to at least try and narrow your focus, otherwise you can easily be all over the place and end up more confused and intimidated than ever.
I’ve always said the best strategy for the new investor is with lease options. They are relatively easy and very low risk. No one has a more clear cut and concise book on this strategy than Carbonare, over at The Naked Investor.


About 10 years moderating here on the REI Club, so I have seen plenty of Board Hustlers come an go through the years.

Some clues as how to not look so obvious, when a poster posts for the first time looking for real estate investment books, do not answer hustling Carbonare’s book after only nine minutes. Give it a little time before you post back, otherwise it is very obvious what is going on.

Are things really that bad that you need keep on posting about lease options promoting someone’s course? Not your first time doing this for sure!

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lol I can honestly say I dont know AJ290 (Im not sure if you were hinting that he and I are the same person or…?) anyway… so… should i not look at the book he mentioned? is he just promoting it just because?

I’m just trying to find out what books I should go and purchase. Maybe some books that list different investment strategies and their benefits. I’ve Googled several times but I feel like all of the book suggestions have a hidden agenda and so I thought id ask people on these forums for advice.

Again, any help is appreciated!

I’m not hustling anything. Someone asked a question and I replied with an answer I believe in. If you don’t like it, delete it. Problem solved.

Just over 30 years ago I started exactly as you are about to do.

I moved to CA after college (SF Bay Area) and found a book at a local bookstore. That was back when people browsed books in a bookstore.

I picked up Nothing Down by Robert Allen. It was on the bestseller list. I later went to an evening presentation, signed up for a 2 day course the following weekend and by the following Monday bought a house nothing down in San Jose CA. I was 23 by then.

That said, I think you could just wonder into a bookstore and see what is on the shelf. You could also go to the library and see what they have. Most of the concepts are broadly similar so it does not matter too much hold new or old a book is.

With technology you can use the buying patterns of others to see what is popular. I would go over to Amazon or Apple’s iBookstore and search for real estate investing. Then notice what books others have purchased.

Given the search capabilities, you can pick out a few topics or strategies discussed on this site and then see which authors have books out on the topics.

BTW - My first house was nothing special other than I took action. I was renting a room in a large house. I decided that I could commute a bit longer and buy a house where I would rent the other rooms. Based on the economics of the time, it worked out cheaper to be the owner of the house renting out two rooms than it was for me to rent a room closer to work. The tax benefits helped.

Good luck. If you have more questions, fire away. I or someone else on here will be able to offer advice. Taking action is the secret.

As you have finished your studies, its the time to execute your knowledge. You can begin with a firm in your area to get a training sort of job, this will polish your knowledge.And, personally I feel that, using a book and study things is not happening, you can try e-books and different articles from the google.

A summary: go to your library for a weekend or a bookstore and buy a bunch of coffee, reading everything you can about the subject. Listen to podcasts on itunes all of the following week. 8 days later, you now know enough about the industry to decide what strategy is best for you… or what you think you will like the best.

Now, do some research by asking others and going on forums , especially facebook , to find the best course for that particular strategy you are most interested in.

Follow everything in the course, and do everthing it says to do. Do a deal. Boom. You are now a real estate investor.


Many investors’ first book was rich dad poor dad. It’s not going to teach you how to invest, but it will teach you how to think as an investor. It’s all about opportunity and taking advantage of it. For me, after I read that book I found this forum and just lurked for a while reading everything I could until something of interest got me excited. I then went out and bought a book about that topic. If I wasn’t scared off I then went and bought a training course.

That’s the path that I took a few years ago. Best of luck to you. What ever book, course or what ever you choose just make sure to take action. Don’t worry about knowing everything, you never will. Take action and come here if you have questions.

Nothing Down by Robert G. Allen FIrst book I read getting started now I’m multi!