Recommendation on Financing

Hi, I found a super duplex property that I like to purchase, but the problem is that I just purchased two properties this year and I am kind of tap out of funds. However, I wanted to see if I could purchase this duplex for little to no money down and not have it go overboard on the monthlys.
This will be a long term investment, where I plan on living in one of the duplex.
All suggestions are appreciated.


If you have the credit there are 100% financing products available.

100% financing is available for those that qualify. There is not enough information here to determine if you would qualify. I would recommed cosulting with a mortgage professional about your options.

Yup. Run the numbers by a mortgage rep. Who did your other mortgages and perhaps, more importantly, who services them now? Ask him or her.

if there is equity and the seller is willing to walk away how about seller paid grant that pays for the closing costs and down and then just use a mortgage company that will except that

What is a super duplex property? Is it nicer than a regular duplex?

Is the property currently rented out?

Has someone taken a look a the rental market analysis?

Is there positve cash flow?

Will the seller contribute towards your purchase?

What state are you in?

What’s your credit score?

Are there any lates on your rental properties?

Do you have any money for closing costs?

What’s your shoe size?

Need more answers before you can go 100% owner occupied.