recommeded sub2 course

which course did you bought and thought it was helpful to do a deal ?

I bought my course from the Get The Deed folks (Charlie & Randy France, Bob Meister) about 3 years ago and it was good information and they explained it very well. Their website is

Patti Porter

I highly recommend William Tingle’s “Ultimate Sub2 Guide” he takes you from A to Z. When I did my first sub2 deal I did it step by step just like he explained, and it’s very affordable.

I’m personally a fan of James Orr. He’s not a natioanally known “guru” but he is an active investor and does seminars and CD’s on the side.

I’m biased because he lives in my local area and operates our local monthly REI club. I more or less consider him my REI mentor, unofficially I speak with him quite a bit.

The only way that I know of to get his stuff is on eBay, seller ID is “learnhowtoberich”. I am currently doing his complete “Motivated Seller Subject To” course, and I love it.

His ebay store:

And no, I receive no compensation, kick back, or kudos for promoting his stuff.