Recently Sold Properties?

I’m trying to find an attractive area in my town to start investing, but I’m having trouble finding recent sales activity. One of the most important pieces of my criteria is to invest in a neighborhood that has good sales activity. Any suggestions on where to find this info besides having a real estate agent run MLS searches? Or is using the MLS the best way? Thanks

definitely getting that info from the MLS is the best. But I believe you can also get that from realquest or one of the other sites like that. I remember other posters refering to a recent sold section.

Sorry I couldn’t be of to much help other then to confirm that you can get the list some where.

Sometimes you can also get this info on the county assessor’s website for the area that you are looking it. It just depends what kind of web presence they have.

Comps from the MLS are nice because you can get more detail, if you have a realtor working for you as a buyer’s agent they should be able to do this for you.

I would just ask an agent who knows and have them do a search–that’s what they’re for. Why do more than that? You could also ask other investors in your area, though it won’t be as accurate.

I agree, find a local Realtor to help with that info. They have access to the MLS and that is the most accurate place to look for recent solds. Good luck!

Some investors may view you as competition and not give you accurate info. Stick with the agent as far as getting values go, these guys are right, it is easier, its one of the reasons they are there and nothing beats MLS comps.