Reasonable time frame

I am a newbie on this forum. With all the encouragement, I decided to jump in REI. I bought a Bank Owned house in DFW area, rehabbed it and put it back out in the market. I have not gotten a great response so far. Only 4 showings in 3 weeks. Is there anything that I am not doing right?? The price is not too high and goes with the neihborhood. This is my first deal in DFW and therefore, may be I am being impatient… Any words of advice??

BTW, this forum is great and it is wonderful to see everyone get along so well.


Do you have it listed with an Realtor and on mls? If so you need to query that professional and heed their professional opinion. If you do not you may want to consider doing that. Standard assessment is if you are getting little or no showings, it is priced too high. You cannot force anyone to see or buy your property, it must be properly priced and marketed. Consider your options and good luck.

just hang on. We’re currently listing a Colony house. First month = 4 showings. Last month = 20 and three offers.

Thanks guys!!!

Is the property with a Realtor or F.S.B.O.?

With a realtor…

Tell the Realtor to add this to the description Not a fixer upper, Handyman Special, Bank owned or foreclosure Just a great house and a fellow investor with a good deal.

That way all the investors that search those key words will look at the listing.

A little advice that seems to work. I hardly ever use a Realtor.

Reoconsultants, how do you put it out on the market by yourself?? Are you a realtor or FSBO???

90% of mine I do F.S.B.O. it allows me to get a little more creative in the marketing.

such as do owner finance of 10-20% and run off the wall ad’s Free house with purchase of yard must buy yard for 225,000.00 you know crazy stuff