reasonable 500k offer

what is a reasonable offer to make on a 500k property you plan to flip to an end buyer that is in good condition? an article i read stated i should offer about 80 percent of the FMV.

Normally 60 to 65% max of current value the offer should be made @.

If you made the offer @ 80% fmv and it got accepted.

You are not leaving any room for the investor to factor additional expenses when holding and re-selling the property.

No real seasoned investor would take it off your handles.

So you may end up with a contract no investor would want unless a green investor takes it.


if you r going to assign the contract or double close on it then the following formula is what i know:

After repair value( FMV)
less any maintenance cost
less 80%
less your profit (what ever make sense to you and your buyer)
the end result is the maximum to offer.

Forget the formulas. Your best bet is to study what your wholesale investors are buying these houses for today and then you’ll have an idea of what’s is going on in your area. Some areas you can do 80% of retail and some areas you’d have to be 30% of value to flip the house successfully. What percentages investors were buying 5 years ago may be different from today’s value. Nobody can put a formula for the whole country. You have to study your marketplace.