Any of you guys find realtytrac to be worth anything? Do you use it? Is the info accurate?

What say ye?

I highly recommend Realtytrac!!! It is the number source for our leads. The market value is hardly close, but for the foreclosure info, we haven’t found anything better.

We don’t use it but for the leads. I know there is the postcards and such…we do our own marketing campaign ourselves.

I think you can get a free trial for 30 days. After that it’s about $50/ mo. I tried the free trial but was not ready to buy anything. It semed pretty cool. but I haven’t tested it out. It shows FSBO’s, Foreclosures and REO’s. Hope that helps.


Anyone know how often they update their data?

I tried them 3 years ago and I must say it TRULY depends on your area. At the time, I was investing in a rural part of Sounth Carolina and the information was not up to date. Call and speak with one of the reps and decide if it is what you want. There are other lead sources that are better out there… - hope that helps!

I havent searched much on realtytrac but I have used ziprealty. Is either one better. I know Ziprealty gives you a history of price reductions on each property, does realtytrac have this?

sorry, I confused realtytrac with