Okay, would you all please let me know how you really feel about the site, and if it’s worth the money they want to let you access the info… I do not have time or money to waste-I’m sure none of us do!

And if the information is good, and I choose to contact pre-forclosures by letter (not real keen on the idea of knocking on their doors), what do you say in the letter? I don’t want to be insulting to anyone, but I want to be taken seriously.


From what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard/read, RealtyTrac is crappy…mostly old, stale listings. Here in this area 95% of RealtyTrac’s stuff is (and has been for quite a while) on the MLS.


DO NOT waste your time or $$ on it. Old listings, bad service, minimal contacts with reps, agents when needed. OUTDATED. :bash: Well, that was when I used it.

Hope this helps.

Bettysue ;D

Pretty much what I heard…


it is a total waste of money… had it for about 3 months just recently. nothing is updated, can’t trust the site…

Thanks for all the replies. I guess I will have to figure out a better way to get that info. Just wanted something online-easier, and all. Does anyone have a more reliable site that they would recommend?


i’m sure by now you know what a WASTE of TIME that is. but try to find a company that follows the whole process, from default letters to court house steps. if you’re in or around NYC, i know one that’s the best. it even has the results of the previous auctions.

Anybody have luck with I’m having trouble finding preforclosures before they become available to the public.

I am a realtor who works as a Buyer’s Agent, that means I work with investors to help them buy houses. So, I will answer from my perspective.

This may not be a popular position, but I will step out the gang-plank here with my opinion.

In my area, Pinellas County Florida, we are heavy on investors…A lot of people shop the foreclosure and tax deed sales and compete with the big boys on the courthouse steps for the homes that reach the foreclosure and tax deed auction - sale. Believe me, this is not a place for a beginner…you can be bid out of business with one deal!!!

Another option is to develop a Buyer’s Agent (Realto) for your business and shop the MLS. People who are listed in the MLS have raised their hands and said - I want to sell!!!

In our area, the pre-foreclosures are the listings that say “Motivated Seller”, or “Seller Wants Offers”. You need a realtor to sort through these to find ones that match your requirements.

Make sense?

Jack Haydon