has anyone ever bought and sold a house useing realty trac and if so was it worth it and did they supply enough info to get rolling if not any other foreclosure listings thanks for all your help scott


You can sign up for a seven day trial for reatly trac. I just did. I wanted to find out if it was worth it. After the initial free trial, the monthly cost is about $29. I figured that it was worth a try. Let me know how it goes for you and if you found any other good foreclosure listings. I am on the same boat.

My brief experience with Realty Trac was interesting. They sent me info on three “pending” foreclosures. Two had already been scheduled for auction (about seven weeks after foreclosure suit was filed). The third house they told me about was a “new” file on a house I had under contract for two weeks before they mentioned it. I have not looked at their site since then.
Good luck,