Hey fellow investees. I’m an up and coming rei just getting his feet warm and had a question on trying to find foreclosure/wholesale properties. After reading some really informative posts in here, (you guys/gals are the bomb) I came across someone saying that was “trash” on finding good properties. I was thinking of joining them as a member to be able to get market value analysis, default amts, attorney info, etc., but dont want to use them if their service sucks. Can anyone here help me with any info? They seem legit ($45 a month) but are they THAT bad? Help? Any comments and suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.

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From what I’ve seen in the areas that I’ve been and from what I’ve read, it’s all pretty consistent – RealtyTrac data is old and stale…save your money. I see the listings in the MLS months before RealtyTrac would have it…by that time the listing is pretty well ‘picked over’…most properties taken back (either by a lender or the government entity) are listed with a Realtor. Your challenge is to find a savvy, investor-friendly agent!


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Have you heard anything about They seem to have pretty good number of properties as well…Hmmm…?

YES!!! Realty trac IS trash, the leads are never complete and like others have said the leads are dead leads, they already sold, dont know what I’m talking about (leads remind you!), or they already seatled like months ago, literally. Then the very rarely put up “fresh” leads. I was with them 2 months and they had the same exact leads, still with hardly no information and they had 2 new leads which one was already sold and the other she was working with someone already. So realty trac is trash. I havent heard anything (bad) about.

Oh yeah…then when I cancelled they called me like 7-8 times a day, sometimes back to back. I didnt know who it was at first because whenever they called I was unavailable, so when I finally called the number to see who it was, it was them and the guy was like they were just calling to offer me a discount to sign up again. I told him it was harrasment, them calling me as much as they were and that I was not interested. They have to be desperate because dont NO business call you like that…except telemarketers :smile

RealtyTrac sucks and they called me a dozen times, too, to offer me a discount to stay on.

Does anyone have opinions on the website. I have been thinking about trying this site, it is $49.00 a month, but it seems to offer a lot of information?

Hey just wanted to say ditto!! The information in RealtyTrac is old and never has panned out for me. I’m desparately looking for a savvy realtor.