WOULD like the input of the members here on this

talked with a realtor in Oregon central part on a property this is the lay out of it

the property is owned free and clear was selling for 130 k area

My offer was as follows i would give 55 % of the sale price upfront
this was comming from a private party who wanted to have the first spot on the property Then i was asking the seller to carry a 2nd for 4 years at 4 % intrest only payments with a balloon as well was asking for the seller to give me 5 % back at close of the 55 % so i would have moving money

So the second would be as this it would be for 55 % of the sale price at 4 % for 4 years

Now this realtor said to me that this was boraderline criminal and was taking advantage of desperate people as well tha a person could get a intrest rate on there money in a savings account of 3 % so the 4% for 4 years was not a big thing

The realtor all so said he was going to report me to the realtor board for the area

Now need less to say he said this after the deal was closed as in not done never accepted so i said there was never a deal done so there is no harm no foul A offer was made a nd not accepted happens all the time

As well told him if any one were to come and say i had commited a crime of any kind i would speak to a lawyer as there never was a deal done And as far as i see there was nothing wrong with this offer to make this realtor say any of this crap

Would like input on this and any thoughts as i see it there are a lot of realtors out there who do not even show offers to sellers and who think they are the end of the line and the judge as to what is the way it should be and there word is final

I think these situations are why people need a mentor…

Making an offer for a seller carry back subordinated to a first TD with a give back of 5k is about as common as one can get when dealing with seller financing… Heck I include exchange of collateral and discounts for early payoffs along with fully assumable notes. Youre fine.

As for the implication of an unconscionable act. Well when I bought a property from a Superior court judge and cleared 75k he didn’t seem to mind…

We do deals that are not main stream… As long as we do them legally who is to say we are wrong… I have had Realtors tell me that I am dishonest for paying less than value to sellers because I am a Broker and know value… to that I always say the seller has agreed to a price and that I am a for profit business.

Good Job with making the offer … Only mistake is that you did it on a property listed with a real estate agent.


mike you are my go to guy as you have the line from both sides of the fence

This same realtor has sent me a new email saying the whole deal is in your + if you quit making payments the 1 takes the property and the sellers gets left in the cold

To this i said well hey people are stopping paying the payments all over the place with out my help or yours and making a very big reo list out there and the fact is that the list of people to be on the reo list is even biger All this happens with out my help or a ny realtors help as i have been told many are saying to sellers i will get this sold before the bank takes it most of thre time this is a lie

The sellers think the big BS man is going to come and fix it all befor the bank takes it And so they do not take the help offered and then thye sit in the pitty party with the BS MAN THE REALTOR WHO MADE HIS PROMISES AND THE SPOUSE KICIKING THERE BUTTS

Well the Realtor has a point however you are giving the seller 65+K which the seller is keeping. They do have the opportunity to use that money to payoff the 1st min the case of a default.

I am not certain I would have said people stop paying all of the time. I would have asked them “Do you think I will stop making the payments?”

Rarely does someone say yes I think you will.

To that I would ask what advantage is there for me to stop paying the payments? The 5k I am asking as a concession is placed back into the property to build its value.

I then would say "What I am doing is creating a win win win for the seller and myself and also you… The seller gets a property sold and 65k in their pocket. They earn a higher then average interest on the balance. You earn a commission in a time when commissions are drying up and I buy a property I want.

I think I have over offered, in fact after all of this negative dialog I think I will move on…

When negotiating using a take away close is very powerful…

Good luck

MIKE thanks i did not say but this property was owned by the realtor selling it

Now is all so telling me he has more then one cash buyer ready to do the deal i personaly think he is full of it and thinks inside his box and the lid is not open very far