Would you use a realtor to find props for wholesaling or would you just do this on your own so you don’t have to pay them a fee?

Some are useful some are not. 80% of the agent field washes out in about 5 years, so there is often a plethora of “rookies” in the business. It takes YEARs to become competent in the real estate field, and particularly competent in the investment side of the equation.

Also keep in mind that REALTORS very often buy what they sell - real estate. So, what do you think the chances are of you getting through the brokerage house that lists a property for sale with a built-in 30% or greater equity position, “as is.” Probably slim to none.

There are some REALTORS though that you can hire to work for you, though I wouldn’t fall for the typical “buyer agent” contract. Get your own atorney to draw up a non-compete clause with the agent you want to work with; I would also include the agenxcy if I could.

Chris Michaud