I have been contacting realtors to deal with when buying investment props. None of the ones I have talked with want to work with me because of the creative financing I want to do. Are there any realtors on this site or can anyone recommend someone?

How creative? Somethings just might not be legal, and they don’t want part of it.

They are legal; I tell them that I want to buy .40 to .60 on the dollar to rehab the places and that I will buy all cash. I am taking a course right now and that is what they do. I am just a little confused about putting all of this together.

Umm, if you are paying cash, their is nothing creative about that. Maybe the realtors think you are joke and a time waster. And you are listening to some Gasbag’s get rich scheme.

No they are all doing this in the area, it’s just when I talk with realtors they don’t get back to me. That’s why I’m seeing if anyone on here knows of any good ones to deal with. So my two main things right now are finding the props to look at through a good realtor and financing. I still don’t know which financing is the best for me since I want to pay all cash.

If everyone in that area is doing it why would you do it too? You are a newb and just came from is “get rich quick” pep rally. You already proved you are a sucker for the program, so I am surprised a Realtor has grabbed you and try to sell you her overpriced non-moving listings. And she can tell you that Real Estate never goes down, condos are great investments, buy now, sell high later, don’t wait things will be higher Rah Rah Rah pep talk!

Dan, what’s the deal man? Why are you calling me a sucker? I need help here and am looking for answers. I think it is a worthwhile course. You said if everyones doing it, why would I? Why wouldn’t I if it is working for them? Are you saying there are no good realtors I can work with?


   Can I ask a off the wall question? Do a little role reverse lets say you were a realtor and you were finding property for 100k that appraised at 200k!!! Would you buy it before anyone else? Or would you call an investor? The thing is be creative find your own deals try to market before the realtor gets it! I have been doing this awhile and out of 1,000 deals I think I bought 2 at .40 cents on the dollar and one was my grandmother’s house! I would read in the marketing forum and start marketing! also be Leary of the advice you receive and more so of those whom dispense it !!!

Also keep in mind that if you are looking for .40 cents on the dollar you might find 1 deal a year and make .60 if you are looking for .75 you will find 50 deals a year and make .25 sometimes while looking for the big hunk of gold you miss the nuggets!!

Hope this helps and good luck in your investing!!!

Thanks, I didn’t think of it that way. So you are saying to do the marketing yourself instead of through a realtor?

sure am!

What I am trying to say is that Realtors like working with people they can make money off. They want you to pay listing price or close to it. They don’t want to waste their time with a investor, who just got his “how to get rich in Real Estate” book, out there putting in 60 percent offers on properties. Look at these forums, a ton of usefull info, infact probably a lot of the same info you “bought”.

Ok what would you say has worked best for you when marketing- newspaper, website? Is it cost effective for the deals you get?

Dan, I’m sorry, you’re right. I wish I had this info before I went and paid money for the course. I see what you are saying, the realtors want to make money from someone who is paying full price. Ok then how do I work with or find realtors that will be willing to work with me?

I agree with finding your own deals or maybe getting some people to find them for you. Not all realtors are bad. My mom for instance is a good realtor who only works with clients that qualify for her time. For example, people without a pre-approval letter (unless paying cash) won’t get her time. Why? She just feels comfortable with the parameters she set up.

Although last night she called me and said she was thinking of trying to get find a rehab property since she has the MLS access and stuff.

Just remember the more creative you get, the more deal that come off the table. The more discount you want, the more deal that come off the table.

Let’s say you were in the MLS and looking for a property BUT the owner must carry. Instead of looking at 16,000 properties, you are now looking at 168. The options are there but the playing field is smaller.

It seems to me that there are two kinds of realtors.

Type One: Your basic realtor that does not understand too much about investing. This realtor is used to mom and pop coming in with a pre-approval letter and paying their down. Nice tight boiler plate deals.

Type Two: Knows investing very well and looks for themselves FIRST. They will gladly show you around to properties they already passed on :smiley:

Hi Dynomac,
I know a few things about real estate agents.
1. They come in all shapes and sizes.
2. They all want to make money.
3. They are all at different places in the amount of experience and income they make.

I think you need to define the type of real estate agent you want. You need one that is intelligent been in the business 1 year to 2 years agressive and hungry. I prefer women agents myself but thats just my choice. Yo u need to present yourself as an investor with professional business cards. Set an appointment and describe exactly what you are looking for. When she finds you the first  property that is acceptable close it as fast as you can. If you do this she or he knows that every time they find a property that fits they have a sale and they will work their butt off for you. If you choose a n agent more seasoned and less hungry they may be investors themselves or so financially independant they will not mess with you. By the 3rd year usually they have found their nitch. Unfortunately as you work with this agent over and over you may train them to be an investor, This has happened to me, she was a part time agent to start with Now moving over 5 Million in property a year. And a heck of an investor too.
                                  Sincerely Tony Roland

To Dan732: Man, get off the steroids so you will tone down your over-the-top reactions to about anything anyone has to say.

To Dan 732: Read your posts over in another forum about the HUD investments. Good advice. SOMETIMES you are OK, man. This is a semi-apology for the previous post. Keep up the good, helpful advice.