Realtors... When do you go for the listing?

I’m a Realtor. Here’s my issue… I have a few lists that I have been mailing to. I got the marketing piece worked out and the yellow letters are a hit!

The thing is these people just aren’t motivated sellers!!! :banghead

My lists are free and clear and non occupant owners.

I had one lady hang up on me yesterday after I made my offer and I thought to myself… I KNEW that was going to happen based on our conversation. (Not in a rush to sell, No mortgage, House is in good shape, etc.)

She wouldn’t even answer my call when I tried her back right away.

So now I’m thinking I should shoot for the listing if it doesn’t feel like a deal… What do you folks do? Always make the MAO and shoot for the wholesale deal? I feel like I blew an easy listing. :flush A few grand is better than nothing.


I think part of this is good questions for your broker! The reason I say that is your specific state's Board of Realtors may have specific guidelines for disclosure and for conflict of interests, so your broker should be able to answer part of this.

I don’t make offers over the phone! I ask qualifying questions, gain perspective on there specific situation and understand there personal motivations to sell, but there is something to be said for a written contract, a cover letter that states my seriousness and convey’s that I am probable motivated to look at a counter offer if they believe it so warrants and when the copy of my earnest money check is included along with my choice of title / escrow companies sellers know I am serious! I also send a POF letter or a mortgage loan approval with my offer!

They have no idea who I am by phone, or whether I can even perform, but when you see it on paper, in a package and see the facts and the qualified offer, things change quickly!

Now, the reason I started with talking to your broker was the legalities as many states require you to make disclosure in writing that you are a licensed agent, and are buying directly with no representation or are buying and representing your self! Because I don’t know how your state handles the legalities of making disclosure and then when rejected; offering to be there realtor? (Conflict of Interests)