Realtors that help Real Estate Investors

Can anyone recommend a realtor in Eastern NC - New Bern, Havelock, Morehead City area that can run MLS and comp info for real estate investors? I am coming up empty. They are telling me the comp info for so many properties is to time consuming. I can’t do anything without that info.


While your writing contracts and determining whether to make an offer or what offer to make you can look on Zillow at the sold property icons (I think there yellow) and see properties with the date of closing. Make sure you pay attention to that closing date as Zillow shows properties going back at least a few years.

You need a realtor to work with you and get you comps to verify a contract you get excepted! But there’s no reason you can’t make your own assessments of value based on sold properties and those sold property records on Zillow.

Just make sure you don’t pay any attention to for sales or pending’s as only sold property numbers count. (Closed and recorded)


You do not have to be a Realtor to be a member of the board. Join and get limited access, just for MLS data.

Every time I read posts like this it makes me glad I live in Houston Texas. In Houston the MLS has a public face. There is a website with all the MLS data on it that you have access to. That being said I use realtors because I don’t want to do that work when they will do it for me. I would find an investor friendly realtor by going to the local real estate investor’s club and see who is there. the realtors that are at those meeting or sponsor the snacks or advertise in the program bulletins are investor friendly usually. If not ask the other people in the industry like hard money lenders or investor friendly title companies or even contractors. But all of these people need to be investor friendly. Real estate is not about property it is about the network of people. Once you have one person from inside this network they can introduce you to the rest of them.