Realtors Not Working Any Harder

You’d think with the slow real estate market, the agents would bestir themselves to put some effort into it, to try to make a sale, and thus some $ for themselves.

Apparently not.

I went to look at 5 properties yesterday, and not one of them had a sign on it. 4 were bare land and no posted address, so I don’t have a clue even what was close to them.

One was also land but had an old mobile. It was assigned an address, but the address wasn’t posted and neither was there a realtor’s sign, so I never found that one, either.

I did see one with a sign, that might or might not have been interesting. It could have had anywhere from 1/4 to 40 acres and no way to tell how many of the buildings near it were on the property. There were no fliers in the flier box, so no way to get information about the property.

I could not find it on the multiple. There are thousands of listings to sift through. It wasn’t listed in it’s area and without any idea how much acreage or the price range, it isn’t possible to find a listing if the agent hasn’t bothered to make sure it is listed in it’s appropriate neighborhood.

I’ll call about it, and maybe the agent will call me back and maybe he won’t. I seem to get less than 25% of my calls to agents returned.

Seriously, it’s supposed to be their job isn’t it?

Most realtors are investor wanna-be’s. lol. They want in on the business without putting any time/money on the line. Atleast, this is the perception ive gotten from the ones ive seen.


You’ve just stumbled on the secret to making money in this business. The amateurs don’t want to dig for deals. They get frustrated and want to quit if they can’t just find low hanging fruit to pick.

I’ve got a bird dog that doesn’t wait for low hanging fruit like the amateurs… He digs and digs and digs, and comes up with the juiciest leads for me (and himself) constantly. I work a densely populated area here in Southern California, so elsewhere in my experience, there’s less competition and probably even more opportunity for the time spent.

Anyway, he slogs passed all the Realtor dysfunctions and lack of professionalism to get to those “hidden deals.” He pursues private parties like crazy, and the harder the deals are to uncover, the more likely we’ll be the only buyers for a deal. It’s just the law of prospecting.

Also, the deals that come out of nowhere just by looking for “other” deals is a source of wealth.

BTW, if you can get a prospect to laugh… you’ll have no competition in this business. People like doing business with people who make them feel good, and humor is a great tool.

Javipa is 100% CORRECT ON THIS!!!

I LOVE the fact that 90% of realtors are WORTHLESS turds who don’t know anything about real estate never mind INVESTING…It makes my life EASIER!!

Javipa, you nailed it man…If EVERYONE knows its for sale…HOW DO YOU STEAL IT???