Hi I have a client working with a realtor and she wants to get rid of them but her contract is not up. The reason she doesn’t want the realtor is becuase she doesnt want to drop her price for me and pay a commission. Anyway I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to get out of a contract with a realtor before it is up and is there a penalty for doing it. Sorry in advance to the realtors out there.

legally the only one who can cancel a listing contract is the broker. Most have a small cancellation fee. Seller should call them up and be forthcoming with the truth…

If that doesn’t work either wait and DO NOT make an offer to purchase or hire the listing agent and ask then to take a reduced fee.

BTW you can still buy from the seller in most cases without damage to you. However the seller will be at risk.

One more thing the contract needs to be canceled over withdrawn…

Good luck


Thanks Mike