Realtor / RE Investor marketing website

I have a website I use for my real estate listings and services as a REALTOR, but I also want to have a website for marketing to motivated sellers for my own real estate investing.

I’m wondering if anyone has examples of websites that are used by a REALTOR and also for their personal RE Investing?

I’m just kinda confused as to how the content of the site could be separated for the different groups, but I also don’t want to confuss or scare any customers off.

Any ideas or example sites you know of?


At the risk of not answering your question and being less than helpful, why do you need to find an example of a Realtor (specifically) who has an “I Buy Houses” site?

The audience, market, benefits, are the same regardless of whether the site owner/investor is a Realtor, doctor, teacher, or Indian Chief.

You need to study marketing a little bit more. Just like business cards, postcards, newsletters, websites, etc., marketing needs to be targeted. If you just want a real estate website and mention that you’re an agent, fine, but I’m not seeing why you’d think you need an example site.

Just set up a website for marketing to motivated sellers and tell them that you’re an agent. You should be able to use an agent template site that will allow you to upload and market listings.

Have two different sites, one for investing and one for your realty. for investing templates, open google and type “we buy houses” you will find large list of templates :slight_smile:

Thanks guys…

Was just looking for example sites to see how they’ve seperated or filtered the different groups of visitors on their websites. Such as how they have their different content setup or labeled.

Not looking for a design or look and feel, I can do that part.

I can do 2 sites, but was trying to keep it as one for now to keep costs/time/upkeep low.


The cost to create two mini-sites? Your time.
The cost to host two mini-sites? 4.95 a month.
The cost for sending a targeted message to a targeted audience? Priceless.


Scott Miller

I am paying $25 for my website. I get as many forms and emails as I like. And I can get second website for an additional $10. You just need to shop around :slight_smile: