Realtor Question

I found a property listed by a realtor. I put a contract on the property.

Realtor changed my dates on contract. I did not agree on all changes. I do want the property. Am I obligated to work with that realtor now.

Can I get another realtor (of my own) at this time? Is it too late?

Reason being, from my understanding, the realtor’s husband wants the property I am looking at (from what I am told). I know that her priority is to her first client. Now that I am involved, I do not see the service I should get.

Should I just continue to stick it out. I planned on it, but a friend told me to get another realtor.

What do you think?

Go to the Realtor’s managing broker! Tell him/her what is going on they will kick that in the Butt real quick!

getting another realtor involved won’t help since that realtor is (techinically) working for you as well as your buyers agent…This is why it is bad for the buyer to approach the sellers realtor alone. Its great to have your own realtor to approach and put the contract offer in for you. Many times I find my own deals and yes even approach the sellers realtor alone, but then I tell the realtor that i want my personal realtor involved in the transaction to protect me. That is part of there job. They always fringe since they will be losing some commission, but I inform them my realtor will do the required work for $500 commission and thats all. My realtor writes the contract and protects me everytime. Even if I have to pay them out of my pocket its worth it… Plus I always use my title company for my purchases… Your the buyer, so you need to pick the people you deal with. That is how you keep control of the purchase. Once you lose control and give it to the seller you will have lost the battle…


I hear you both. I will let you know how it goes this week.

I would talk to that person’s broker. Let them know what is going on, heck just tell the agent you are going to have to call his broker because you don’t agree with contract changes without permission.

If you still don’t see justice after talking to the broker and agent, call your local Realtor Association Board and let them know what’s going on. Heck just go down there, they’re very nice. They are a third party that values your thoughts and opinions of them, and as the agent and broker being active members of the Realtor association, they will be the driving force to getting this taken care of for you.

I think we could be jumping the gun here.

Bettysue’s post is a little difficult to follow, but it appears to me that the Agent in question has no responsibility to her?

It appears Bettysue wrote the offer herself?

If this is the case…the listing agent has every right to change the dates on the contract (after speaking to her client naturally).

We do this all the time. We shorten the time they can get an inspection, or the time for financing, etc.

Doing so is probably in the best interest of your client (especially in a hot market).

The state in which I reside requires Agents to give buyers & sellers a pamphlet about Real Estate Agency & who the Agent represents.

If my wife wanted a property…I’d have made an offer from the get go & let the seller know I’m an Agent…that I don’t represent the seller & that I’m making the offer in our best interest (not the sellers).

Agents are allowed to buy real estate as long as they disclose they’re Agents & who they represent. If I find a property I want…I wouldn’t bother listing it…I’d simply make an offer.

This story seems (?) like a prime example of why a Buyer should find an Agent to represent their best interest. After all…the seller typically pays commissions. Buyers have nothing to lose by hiring their own Agent.


Very good point Info - One of these days I’ll learn to read into the whole situation. :slight_smile:

interesting thread. maintaining control is absolutely vital.

i think i’ve been missing that point when it comes to a Buyer’s Agent.

The question now is, identifying a smart Buyer’s Agent.


Becoming an Agent…hhhmmmm.

I’m new here, but I am an Agent so I’ll put my .02 in.

Sounds like you went to the listing agent to make your offer. If this is true then the listing agent is obligated ( simple term ) to represent his/her client. That would be the seller, not you as the buyer. The agent should be professional in every way with you, but they are not “your agent”. You are representing yourself in this situation.

You should speak to the agents broker first. The broker will almost certainly take care of the problem. If not, you can complain to the local and state boards. If you signed a contract you should have a copy of that contract ( before changes could be made ). If there was a change to the contract ( without a counter offer ) you and the seller would need to initial those changes. It would be better if a new contract were done up and re-signed by all parties. ( this is not always done, but should be)

Realtors like to sell their own listings if possible because they get both sides of the commission, but there is nothing wrong with you as a buyer working with a buyers agent. You will sign an agreement with that agent and he/she will work in your best interest. Generally the buyers agent cost you nothing, because the seller is paying his/her commission. You don’t need to look up an agent that specializes in working only with buyers. Any agent can perform those task… doesn’t mean every agent will… some agents don’t like to work with buyers… they consider themselves listing agents.

“You should speak to the agents broker first. The broker will almost certainly take care of the problem. If not, you can complain to the local and state boards.”

We need to hear more from Bettysue, but there may not be “a problem” for the broker to take care of, and there may not be anything to “complain about.”

If the Agent disclosed her Agency properly, and if she changed the dates on the contract & sent it back to Bettysue w/her clients permission…everything’s above board nearest I can tell.

Am I missing something ???


Hey there. I am back. Well I finally agreed to the changes. Got things going etc… However, I have a question in regards to disclosures. I have been waiting and waiting, everyday, I am told I will be sent disclosures and I havent gotten them yet. Its been 9 days.

How much time is appropriate to wait for the disclosures? This lady keeps putting me off. I was told again that if I wasn’t able to go through with the prop. she would. (She wants to buy it). I think this is why she keeps putting me off, so that my deal wont go through and I look bad although I have been waiting on her. She is always so busy from what I am told. I am waiting to see what happens this week. If not for sure I will be speaking to someone.