Realtor out of town on vacation.Highest and Best by end of day today


I need some advice from the gurus on this forum.I made an offer on a 2-flat almost 10 days ago. The house is a Freddie/Fannie and has multiple offers. I called up the sellers agent before i made an offer on the house and she told me that the property has multiple offers already and may get into a highest and best situation in 10 days. Guess what, that did happen i found out today that tomorrow 8:30 AM(24 hours) is the deadline to make highest and best offer.

The thing is my realtor is on vacation in Colorado somewhere and i am not sure if he will be able to respond with my highest and best today.

What are my options if he doesn’t respond to me today? Can his agency colleagues help me make the H&B in his absence for me?

Contact his office, most realtors have some one fill in for them. They will probably return the favor latter.

Agreed. Call him or send a text and let him know what you are doing first, then get the office to take care of it.

yup, thats what i did. I called the office and they put me through with the managing broker of the firm and he did the HNB for me.

Thanks guys!!

So…did you get it?

Nope, it doesn’t appear that way but the thing is the sellers agent kept my offer as backup in case the one they selected falls through.