Realtor Needs Owner Finance Homes That Pay Commission For Owner Finance Buyers

Hi all, my name is Austin Good and I am an Investor and Realtor Located in North Dallas. I list a lot of homes for sale and have started to convert some of my traditional sellers into owner finance sellers and because of the advertising have started to generate owner finance buyer leads that I would like to be able to monetize.

I have started to collect a database of companies that offer owner financing homes and pay a 3% commission to the owner finance buyer’s agent (me in this case).

One example I found of a company doing this is If you click on the Realtors link on the sidebar you will see the details of it.

The only problem is that they only have 9 properties and I need to be able to access a lot more properties in order to give my Owner Finance buyers enough options in the area they want to buy.

If anyone has a website with their owner finance properties and will pay 3% to us if we procure the owner finance buyers please let me know so I can add it to our database to offer to our leads.

Also if anyone has any suggestions for me on maybe a resource that has already started to put this together or any other advice that would be awesome.

Thanks Guys!

Realtor should start to take the commission over time, Realtor might be surprised of the out come. Herbster
PS Broker too.