Realtor Lied to Me

I cudnt find a buyer for one of my fixers, none of my regular buyers wanted it. So, I started advertising it on Craig’s List. I get a call from a Realtor and first thing he says is “Don’t worry, my buyer pays my commission” Him and his client soon checked out the property. He low balled me down but that’s OK, at that point I was getting discouraged and just wanted to sell it.
We agreed on a price and I had his client sign my 10K assignment of contract. Then he wants to meet with me about some problem. We met over at Denny’s Restaurant. He then tells me the deal is ready to go thru but the buyer is not paying his commission and he don’t want to work for fee. I reminded him about what he said that his buyer pays his commission. He tells me, Oh you know the reason I said that was because I knew you wudnt call me back.

I shud have laughed and told him where to put his commission, but as you know I didn’t have any other prospects. He tells me his commission is $3,900 and suggest we shud just split my assignment fee.
I told him I wud ask my sellers if they will pay it and you ask ur buyer to pay it.

The next day he txts me to say his buyer will pay half. My seller flatly refused and chewed me out for 10 minutes.
So, I agreed to pay $2,000. What could I do? I’m still getting $8,000 assignment fee. Shud I complain or be happy I’m getting that?
I’m not too fond of agents & after dealing with this sleazy Realtor I feel like taking a shower.
I’m not really complaining. It’s just an interesting story.
Let’s make some Money…

Randoskie, you took the right path.

Other way, telling him where to put the commission, gets you SATISFACTION but no DOLLARS.

Satisfactkion comes in lots of forms…BUT…none can be spent like the $$$.