Realtor Fees

Generally I work with one Real Estate agent in the town I do most of my properties. However I travel all over the state looking for deals. Most of the time I spend most of the time getting my own comps, taxes, etc. I dont usually trust RE agents. I am working on a deal that I have done everything. I even had the lockbox code before going to the property. The RE agent is now saying she won’t do anything unless I pay her minimum fee. She did nothing but met at the property. I didn’t need her to even get me in. She asked me questions while I was going through the property. I have never payed a RE agent when buying a property. I feel that they took a commission based job, same as me. Some of my checks are bigger than others, so should theirs.
Anyone come up against this? What did you do?
The RE was reccommended through a friend who used to live in the town where the property is.
If I want this property do I have to pay her?

I’m a real estate agent, so here’s my advice:

Have you signed a buyer broker representation agreement with this agent? If so, you may have to pay their fee when you buy the property.

Even if you havent signed a buyer broker agreement, if you want to work with this agent to submit your offer, you’ll need to pay their fee.

If you are haven’t signed a buyer broker agreement, and you don’t want this agent to submit the offer for you, then don’t pay a dime!

Is this a listed property? Is this agent the listing agent? What is your connection to the agent? Need several more answers before we could give a better answer to your question.

One thing, if you are not an agent and this is a listed property, then for you to have gotten the lock box code, someone would have had to have broken the law.


If the agent can prove she was the cause of the sale, by law she is entitled for a commission. This may vary by state of course.

The question becomes, how did he get the lockbox like Roger said, and why was she meeting him at the property?