Realtor Contract - Weasel clause help

If I am buying a property with a realtor’s standard contract in NJ do I need a weasel clause in addition to the standard “inspection clause” which allows the buyer to get a certified inspection and allow the seller 7 days to agree to fix any problems.

Even if there are no problems is it possible to use this clause to back out if necessary? If not, what else can I add to the contract aside from the “subject to partner or financing clauses” because I think those bring up red flags.

Basically I am just looking for a clause that will allow me an out in any situation incase of worst case scenarios.

The clause you sight doesn’t give you an out. It just says that you have 7 days to get an inspection and allows the seller to correct difficiencies. That said - there are a couple of clauses you should have (they may already be part of the PA/PC so check first):

“Subject to buyer’s approval of contractor’s estimate”.

This is different than the clause you mentioned. This gives YOU the option to check the status of the repairs needed, and expenses involved in their repair/rehab/remediation and you decide if you want to go ahead. In my opinion, this is the most important clause you should have.

If they say this is not needed because they will make repairs - just tell them you are thinking of adding a bathroom/game room or finish the basement/garage or put in a tennis court/pool/putting green/built in barbeque (use as needed) and want to make sure there are no hidden problems for doing that.

Good luck.