I am trying a new agent to sell a recent flip and now I suspect I made a big mistake. The house appears on Realtor.Com but without photos. She insists that the MLS listing has photos but, after three days, she can’t seem to find the time to email the listing to me. Yes, big red flag I know, and I’ll deal with her later.

My question is, how does a listing get into Is there something my agent must do or does automatically reflect the MLS. Specifically, if there are no photos on Realtor.Com, does this mean there are no photos in the MLS? Thanks.

Equity, Well there are pictures from where I sit. Your Realtor should get on the ball or who ever does this in her office should. If she still insists and they don’t show up contact her boss(broker)Herbster

Other than the main photo, additional photos are extra expenses on You could have many photos on the regional MLS that might not appear on It depends on your marketing strategy and that of your realtor when it comes to only posts the main photo. Any additional details are an extra expense for the agent. The agent has to sign up for’s marketing/advertising program to post additional info.

I’ve noticed in some areas that basically none of the local Realtors use Sometimes they only use the local MLS and have links to that on their websites. Go to several local Realtor’s websites and click on their links to the MLS. Search for a block price range that includes your asking price and see what you find. You should see the same listing with pictures from any of those local websites.