Are the prices for properties on the actual for sale price of the properties listed on that site? I know this may seem like a weird question, but I’m from Canada and seems fishy to me.

Yes they come directly from the MLS. Although I heard they are not live feeds, so updates may take place and takes a bit to get on the site.

not all listings are on - In most cases its and extra step/button the realtor has to do when in putting a listing.

Our local listing agreements even have a section that addresses internet marketing

It sounds like it may be different by MLS. Our MLS automatically puts the listings on I know you can pay to enhance your listings, etc. but we don’t choose whether they show up there.

I guess I couldn’t imagine a situation where you have a house for sale that you don’t want that exposure.

Most board listings are automatically fed to unless the owner doesn’t want it for some reason. There’s an upgrade that agents have called “Enhanced listings” where they can add more pictures, etc. That’s a manual process.